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1 Non-Professional User is a natural person who by purchasing the right to use service obtains the licence to use the program and market data received exclusively for personal and private needs, which in particular excludes the right to use the program and market data for the purposes of performing activities in which user acts as (1) a person who has established or subsequently joined the company, and/or (2) a company’s proxy or a member of the company’s bodies, and/or (3) an employee in the company for the provision of investment services, and/or (4) on behalf of another person or legal entity.
2 Professional User is any legal entity, as well as any natural person not fulfilling the conditions for the status of a Non-Professional User.

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I will pay the subscription entirely via Money transfer to the Belgrade Stock Exchange foreign currency account. Instructions for customer transfers in EUR are as follows:
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Password(s) will be sent by the provided e-mail address after the transfer of funds.
Access to the service and the data provided by it are subject to the Terms of Use of the service, and by entering the password you accept these terms.

All the data in the service are available only to the subscribers for information purposes and are NOT to be sold, forwarded or redistributed to third parties in any manner. The Belgrade Stock Exchange is not responsible for any unrealized expectations of the subscriber as well as for any and all direct, indirect or accidental damage, loss or expenses in relation to the use, or inability to use data available through the service. All rights in relation to the service are sole property of the Belgrade Stock Exchange. The subscriber is NOT to access and use the service in violation of the regulations, either by unauthorized access, distribution, recording of the data, or by any other form of abuse of intellectual and material property rights of the Belgrade Stock Exchange or third parties. The subscriber is further prohibited from reproducing or forwarding the password, program, design or webpage layout or its elements to other persons without the written consent from the Belgrade Stock Exchange. The subscriber is solely and entirely responsible for the ability, security and rights of access to the internet from his/her location. In the event of problems that prevent normal operation and access to the service, which had not been caused by the Belgrade Stock Exchange and could not have been foreseen, the Belgrade Stock Exchange reserves the right to suspend the service until these problems are resolved. The Belgrade Stock Exchange will not be held responsible or liable for an error, malfunction or inability to access the data in the service if they have occurred due to circumstances not controlled by the Belgrade Stock Exchange, such as, but not limited to, computer viruses, short-circuits, telecommunications malfunctions, unauthorized access to the electronic system of the Belgrade Stock Exchange, disruption of the through actions of the subscriber, mechanical breakdowns of equipment, decisions of regulatory, court or other authorized bodies, etc. Any access and use of the service not in accordance with these terms will be the reason for unconditional termination of use of the service, at the expense of the subscriber, without the right for refund of the unused protion of the subscription fee. The Belgrade Stock Exchange reserves the right to file a complaint for compensation of damages with the competent court in Belgrade. The Belgrade Stock Exchange retains the right to change the structure and contents of the service without prior notice and consent of the subscriber.

By submitting this Subscription agreement , I irrevocably state the following:
- that I am aware of the content of data available via the service, which are described in detail on the internet page;
- that I am aware with the minimum reguirements for using the service provided on the internet page;
- that I am aware of and agree that the status of the user of the service expires upon payment and assignment of the password, and that the service is used in accordance with the above stated terms.
- that the data stated in this Subscription/Agreement are true and correct.


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